Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prairie Creations

Earlier this year I participated in a product swap with a wonderful soapmaker from the USA - Kris of PRAIRIE CREATIONS.  Kris spoiled me with a wonderful goodie box and her products are divine!  Each of Kris's soaps lather amazingly with just about the silkiest lather I have ever known and her Body Polish and creams are beautifully made and very well packaged.  She also sent me a huge bubble bar and just a small piece of it, crumbled into a running bath, results in bubble utopia!

I have been enjoying some other wonderful soaps from my fellow artisan soapmakers recently and will be sharing their lovely products with you soon *smile*

Have a wonderful day!


krissy said...

Thanks Tanya you just made my day !!!!!!

Atenea said...

Es estupendo canjear jabones y descubrir las creaciones de otras jaboneras. Besos.

Topcat said...

You are most welcome Kris! I am just telling it like it is, as your products are wonderful :)

Thank you Atenea and I agree :)