Sunday, September 19, 2010

...And another Aussie Soaper Shout Out!....

While I am on the subject of Aussie Soapers, I also have been drooling over Kathy's soaps over at Beguile.  Kathy's soaps have a distinctive textured top ~ very tactile and flowing ~ that I love.  I ordered Infuse, Potion and Delish soaps and the smell when I opened my parcel was amazing!  Beguile soaps have a wonderful silky lather that lasts and lasts ~

I have also just heard that Beguile Soaps won gold in the Hunter Valley Olive Show this year.  Congratulations Kathy!

Have a wonderful day *smile*


Kia - Beacon Creations said...

Beguile soaps are so pretty and I agree... her tops are amazing!!

Sergio said...

Nice creations.!!