Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soaping For a Friend.......

Tonight my post is about a challenging time in a good friend's life.  In September she found out she has Islet Cell cancer, also called pancreatic endocrine neoplasm tumor ~ the same type of cancer that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had.  Luckily, hers was found in its very early stages during a scan taken for other medical reasons.  Most pancreatic cancers are not diagnosed until symptoms eventuate and this is often too late for a successful cure.  My friend recently had surgery to remove the growth at the Mayo Clinic and should make a full recovery now ~ hallelujah!  This procedure has not been without its complications, however she now has the all clear to travel home.

I, along with many others from our soaping forum, created a new soap to send to her as a 'get well' gift.  This new soap was not without its challenges, setting up much too quickly for the finished effect I was going  However I am still pleased with the result and a bar will be winging its way to the US very soon.

I have called it 'Mystique' aka 'Krissy's Dream'.  Scented with a mysterious fragrance ~ wafting from ancient sacred spaces, filled with the aromatic scents of a romantic time past ~ an enlightened blend of juniper, earthy patchouli, musky oakmoss and rich vanilla; rose geranium and jasmine weave throughout to give an uplifting sweet note.
I added moisturising buttermilk, silk and a generous amount of organic cocoa butter for extra luscious lather...

For you Krissy!