Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dance of the Fairies......

My new Fairy Dance soap is cut now and I finally got around to taking some photos for you.  I did have a little holiday in the middle there, so that side-tracked me.  Five days on Queensland's glorious Gold Coast.  Even though it is the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere, we had mostly sunny and warm days and the scenery (and food!) were wonderful.

But now it is back to reality..... and soaping pics.

Fairy Dance set up quickly in the mould so I didn't achieve the swirls and textured top that I was imagining.  What I did get is possibly even lovelier, which often happens in my magical world of soaping.  When I am in the middle of making a batch of cold process soap and things don't go to plan, I just repeat Dory's philosophy to myself.... 
"just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"

Here is how Fairy Dance looked in the mould ~

I scented it with a custom blend of fragrance oils that individually play very nicely in my soap.  Together however was a different story!  The end result is definitely worth it as the blend is fruity, tart, sweet and floral all at once. Sun-sweetened, delicious dark raspberries warmed by a hint of vanilla is then rounded out with fresh florals, greens and bamboo.
And now the cut pics ~


In closing, would you like to see a couple of photos from my recent holiday?  

Storms out to sea ~


 Roof top pool and view inland ~

Imagine you can hear the sound of the surf rolling onto the shore..... ahhhhhhh *smile*