Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creamy Fruit Salad Teen Facial Bar.....

I recently added this soap to my Current Range of Soaps album on my Facebook page and thought I would share it here with you as well.

This is a lovely cleansing & balancing soap full of antioxidants, especially created for troubled teen skin. Scented with a fresh and fruity scent combining mango, passionfruit, papaya, apple, citrus and sweetpea; teamed with fresh pureed mango and strawberries, herbal tea and a blend of oils and butters that contain anti-infammatory and calming properties. For normal to oily skin ~

You can see the strawberry seeds if you look closely.  I included my favourite rice bran and macadamia nut oils in this blend along with mango butter.  This recipe was developed with my daughter's help when I first began cold process soapmaking.  I asked her what ingredients she would like me to add to a batch of soap just for her.  "Mango and strawberries" she replied.  I was surprised to say the least as I didn't even know if fruit would work in CP soap and envisioned my batch overheating or even erupting into a soapy volcano!  All that fruit sugar had me worried, so I poured it into individual moulds and kept it cool.  

The result made a lovely cleansing soap that my daughter found soothed and helped her facial skin by minimising the redness associated with blemishes.  When I researched I found that the combination of oils and fruits we used are all known to have skincare benefits.  I just love serendipity!

Have a wonderful day *smile*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

...And another Aussie Soaper Shout Out!....

While I am on the subject of Aussie Soapers, I also have been drooling over Kathy's soaps over at Beguile.  Kathy's soaps have a distinctive textured top ~ very tactile and flowing ~ that I love.  I ordered Infuse, Potion and Delish soaps and the smell when I opened my parcel was amazing!  Beguile soaps have a wonderful silky lather that lasts and lasts ~

I have also just heard that Beguile Soaps won gold in the Hunter Valley Olive Show this year.  Congratulations Kathy!

Have a wonderful day *smile*

A Shout Out to Another Aussie Soaper

Earlier this year I succumbed to my longing to try Sharon's wonderful soaps from Platypus Dreams.  Sharon makes soap in a wide range of scents and styles and many of her soaps are works of art! 

Sharon's packaging and presentation is elegant and her soaps are even more beautiful in the hand than on the computer screen.  They smell wonderful and their lather is thick and velvety and lasts the whole shower long.  I ordered Velvet Rose and Citrus Blossom as well as the Soap Sampler ~

Thank you for a wonderful soapy experience Sharon!

Have a wonderful day *smile*

Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is a delightful Spring day here and I have been out and about in my car ferrying children to and from their various workplaces....although I did take the time to photograph some lovely blooms surrounding my driveway!

My jasmine vine (needs a good trim however I will wait until it has finished blooming) ~

Gorgeous, sweet-smelling freesias.  I have always adored these flowers and remember them growing in grassy banks near the lake when I was a little girl ~

Can't you just smell them?  Now to find me a true-to-scent freesia fragrance oil and I will create probably my most favourite soap *smile*

Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gondwana Dreaming.......

I want to share some photos of a new version of my Gondwana Dreaming soap with you.  I make this soap with 'Australiany' ingredients and decided to give it a face lift......oh, all right, I got lazy and did an in the pot swirl instead of fiddling with nice even layers *grin*

Gondwana Dreaming is made with 60% Australian extra virgin olive oil along with coconut and avocado oils and luscious mango butter for a moisturising boost.  Australian pink, yellow and green clays colour the swirls and the fragrance blend includes Australian bush essential oils of lemon myrtle, eucalyptus blue gum and rosalina.

Just for contrast, here is a picture of Gondwana Dreaming's previous incarnation.........

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Prairie Creations

Earlier this year I participated in a product swap with a wonderful soapmaker from the USA - Kris of PRAIRIE CREATIONS.  Kris spoiled me with a wonderful goodie box and her products are divine!  Each of Kris's soaps lather amazingly with just about the silkiest lather I have ever known and her Body Polish and creams are beautifully made and very well packaged.  She also sent me a huge bubble bar and just a small piece of it, crumbled into a running bath, results in bubble utopia!

I have been enjoying some other wonderful soaps from my fellow artisan soapmakers recently and will be sharing their lovely products with you soon *smile*

Have a wonderful day!