Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is a delightful Spring day here and I have been out and about in my car ferrying children to and from their various workplaces....although I did take the time to photograph some lovely blooms surrounding my driveway!

My jasmine vine (needs a good trim however I will wait until it has finished blooming) ~

Gorgeous, sweet-smelling freesias.  I have always adored these flowers and remember them growing in grassy banks near the lake when I was a little girl ~

Can't you just smell them?  Now to find me a true-to-scent freesia fragrance oil and I will create probably my most favourite soap *smile*

Have a wonderful day!


Amy said...

What lovely flowers! I wish I could smell them. Enjoy your spring--and your blooms! Autumn is well on its way here, and the flowers are fast fading.

Atenea said...

Lo bueno que tiene la primavera es que empiezan a florecer un monton de flores y todas preciosas. Aqui vamos a entrar en el otoƱo. Besos.

Topcat said...

Thank you Amy & Atenea - yes they are beautiful flowers and I am enjoying them to the full until they finish. I love fall too :)