Friday, March 2, 2012

My Really, Really HAPPY Soap!

Hi everyone!  Oh, I so love looking at... and sniffing... this lovely soap.  It was quite simple to make and it truly makes me smile to see it.  I created it to be a companion to my 'Lavender Fields' soap, using the same basic recipe yet changing the scent and colours.  Called 'Orange Grove' ~ I used a Bramble Berry fragrance oil of the same name to scent it and it smells fantastic!  

The fragrance is an interpretation of the Elizabeth Arden perfume Sunflowers ~ "this is what sunflowers would smell like if they were placed smack dab in the middle of a orange grove in full bloom! With some unique middle notes of jasmine, cyclamen and peach, this fragrance has nuance and charm. Subtle musk and vanilla notes hold up the fragrance making it a beguiling sunny floral".

The fragrance is teamed with one of my personal favourite soap recipes including silk, lashings of olive oil and a generous amount of sunflower oil added for a moisturising boost. Shea butter is also included for added creaminess and this recipe has a lovely silky lather.

...and here is my favourite photo ~ 

Orange Grove will be ready to use in two weeks and I can't wait to pop into the shower with a bar!  Have an awesome day *smile*