Tuesday, June 18, 2013

While You Are Waiting......

......for a cut pic of my new Fairy Dance soap shown in my most recent blog post, would you like to see my new Chocolate Fudge soap?  I made this after a good customer requested the scent (thank you!) and I am really very happy with how it turned out.

My Fudge Soap range now consists of Raspberry Fudge, Orange Creme Fudge, Honey Fudge and Banana Fudge as well as the newest choc one.  I developed my recipe with the idea in mind of creating soaps that smell like fudge and look like fudge and, more importantly, even feel like fudge.  Each bar has a dense and velvety texture that really does feel fudge-like to me.  Lather is something very important to me as a soapmaker and I am thrilled with how this range of soap lathers.  Each bar has a lovely, thick and velvety lather that is truly decadent to wash with.

Here is Chocolate Fudge in the mould ~

Just unmoulded ~

Today, just before cutting (look how dark the brown is now!) ~


After cutting you can see the inside brown part is still very cream coloured.  Once it has been exposed to the air for about one week it will be the same colour as the outside ~

This soap smells gorgeous, if you love chocolate that is.  It is scented with a really rich, decadent, dark chocolate with drizzles of vanilla and cream.... yum. 

Have a wonderful day *smile* 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Happy Accident.....

Have you ever felt really frustrated when a project you are attempting just doesn't go to plan?  My new Fairy Dance soap frustrated me... big time!  I soaped a custom scent blend using fragrance oils that I know do not accelerate trace in my soap, yet my soap batter set up very quickly.  For non-soapers, 'acceleration' means the soap batter gets thick fast and this can foil the best laid swirly plans.

Fairy Dance didn't do what I wanted it to - but it turned out very pretty even so.  Surprisingly so actually.  I was sad when I first finished it and could only see its imperfections, yet now I have embraced its voluptuous texture *grin*

Here is her top view in the mould ~


I was asked how I achieved my swirly top decoration so for those who are interested it was very simple.... I used a chopstick to 'draw' figure 8 swirls through three coloured lines of thick soap poured along the centre, like so.....

Once Fairy Dance is cut I will share more pics here.  Now I hope the inside swirls worked!

Have a wonderful day xxx