Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Thought It Was Time.....

......for a roundup of some of my newest soaping creations.  I have (as always) been having fun playing with new looks, colours, additives and scents.  Before I do that I want to share something very exciting that happened to me ~ my Maple Syrup Fudge soap photo has been featured on The Soap Bar blog!  Joanna is a noteworthy blogger in our industry with many, many followers. There are some absolutely amazing close-up pics to see on THIS POST sharing gorgeous macro photo soap art.  Thank you for including me Joanna xx

So, here are some of my favourite creations from the past few months......

Berry Lime Cider soap ~ this one has strawberry lime cider as the water-based part of my recipe and I matched that with both colour and scent.

Candy soap ~ scented with a fruity blend of juicy raspberries, citrus and vanilla.

Crystal Delight soap ~ this one thickened up fast so you can see a few air bubbles here and there.  It is still a lovely soap and in my favourite pastel pink.  Scented with an in-house custom blend interpreting the perfume Bright Crystal by Versace.

French Pear soap ~ scented with a lovely fragrance reminiscent of a rich, juicy and meltingly smooth pear dessert. Warm, spicy and alluring, this is an amazing pear fragrance!  I had fun creating this 'shabby chic' style and will work on getting more of a pear green tone for my next batch.

In more news ~ I have a new soap range to share with you soon.  When I was in high school I studied Ancient History and my favourite topic by far was ancient Egypt.  I was transported by tales of pharaohs, treasure, pyramids, gods and goddesses.  This year my youngest son has been studying Egyptian history and this re-awakened my interest.  Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were the first in the world to extract flower essences and they are credited as some of the first perfumers in history?  I have now been inspired to created my Egyptian Collection and in my next post will take you on a mystical journey through time......

Until then, have an awesome week!