Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love Surprises!!!

....so imagine my delight when a parcel arrived the other day for me from my good soaping friend Clear Marie of Artisan Soaps in New Zealand.  Clear is an extremely conscientious soapmaker who makes beautiful soap, creams, balms and a range of bath and body products - all of which are tested carefully and scented divinely!

left - Desert Rose Castile soap; centre back - Orange Creamsicle Body Powder and Chocolate Orange Lip Balm; right - Aussie Surfer soap; centre front - Coconut Coffee Bastile soap. 
Aren't they wrapped beautifully?  I love the coreflute card and colourful paper or thread ties....earthy yet elegant at the same time:

Here they are with the soap wrappers removed -

You can see that Aussie Surfer has a cut line down through the middle.  I was planning on cutting each bar in half to use in my shower, with a half bar to keep.  I cut it before I remembered to take some pics, so here is a look at the inside of this bar *smile*...now I can say I did it on purpose....what a perfect mica line!

I will be using Aussie Surfer in my shower first and I am so looking forward to trying each of these lovely soaps!  The body powder is so silky soft and light - it is already a favourite - and the lip balm is perfectly moisturising without being heavy.

Thank you Clear!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Soap Spa Parties.....

My soap table seems to be taking longer and longer to set up for my Soap Spa Parties.  I decided to display my soap at home and take some pics to study in the hopes of streamlining what I do....lol.

Gift Sets......

Normally I just unpack each box of soap onto the table in any order.  What do you think of my colour palette set up?  This will be easier to remember at least!  Of course, I had hardly any body butters or salt scrubs left, so I will need to rethink distribution again!

Have a wonderful week everyone *smile*

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In the mould......

I made my Eye of the Tiger soap today and ohh...it smells sooo good!!!  It has a lovely, mysterious and oriental scent with creamy base notes that perfectly compliment the tiger colours I use.  I add macadamia nut oil for its moisturising properties as well as cocoa butter.  Cocoa butter is considered a skin softener in skincare as it adds a protective barrier which holds moisture to your skin.

Here are a couple of pics of Eye of the Tiger in my Nizzy mould.....

If you would like to see pics of this soap unmoulded you can visit my facebook page for Titania's Dreamy Delights HERE

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Australia Day Soaps ready for labelling.......

Last month I posted some 'in the mould' pics of the soaps I made on January 26th (Australia Day) and as they are now ready to be labelled I thought I would take some pics before doing that :)

Bay Avocado, with pureed avocado and banana

9ct Gold, with carrot juice and mustart seed oil

Unscented Goatsmilk, a mostly Olive Oil soap - gentle and mild

These soaps are ready in time for a Soap Spa Party that one of my customers is hosting for me on Sunday.  I am really looking forward to sharing these!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soap for Blokes......

Recently I have been asked by several guests at my soap spa parties to make soap for 'blokes' (guys in US vernacular).  My reply was "I have several soaps that men like", and I do.  My Lime in de Coconut, Eye of the Tiger, Very Vanilla and Dreamy Coffee & Cream soaps are all popular with my male customers.  However, several ladies have menfolk who want soap that doesn't have too much 'stuff' in it....you know, like butters and milks and fancy oils and fruit.  So here is my first attempt, still in the mould.  I scented this with an essential oil blend of lime, lavender and patchouli and it smells gorgeous!  Uhhh...I mean 'masculine' *wink*

(I will admit that I couldn't stop myself from adding silk....shhhh, don't tell on me!)