Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Love My New Impression Mats.....

I received a lovely parcel from a treasured online soaping friend last week.  Two fondant mats with floral impressions on them to line my slab moulds ~ thank you Monet!  I am always looking for new ways to feed my soaping obsession and these mats have been sooo much fun to soap with.
Here is the first soap I made in my slab mould using the vines impression mat. 'Honeysuckle Dreams' soap, scented with a lovely (and realistic) fragrance oil and coloured with just a titch of lemon pop mica ~
Next I had to try the daisy patterned one in a log mould.  Here is my new version of 'Heavenly Silk' soap, scented with a blend of may chang and lavender essential oils and coloured with Australian yellow clay.  The true colour is most like this first photo ~

Now I am searching online to find more pretty impression mats to soap with!  Have a wonderful day *smile*