Monday, July 30, 2012

Enjoying My Swirls!

Hi there!  Today the sun is shining (when they said it wouldn't) and a very cool breeze is blowing my washing line dry.  Here on the East Coast of Australia we have been blessed with frequent rain (frequent rain...) over the past two years.  We are usually a very dry continent, so all this extra rain has been either a bonus for gardens and lawns, or havoc waiting to be wreaked via floods.  Still, today it is not raining and my washing is drying nicely so I am thankful.

I have been making soap for a new wholesale account and actually thought to take a couple of pics of a new batch in the process of being swirled in my mould.  Would you like to see how I create my swirls?  It is such a simple process with a lovely result.  I use the 'In The Pot' method to colour my soap and once it is poured into the mould it swirls itself. 

Here you can see the soap batter has been poured into my Nizzy mould and I have drizzled the last drops of coloured soap over the top in diagonal lines (sorry for the blurry photo). 

Now you can see it after I have used a chopstick to pull through the soap diagonally back and forth across the mould, starting at the top right corner and finishing at the bottom left.  I then swirl in the same manner across my first lines, starting at the top left corner and finishing at the bottom right.

Lastly, I place my dividers into the soap batter and now you can see how each final bar will look once unmoulded and trimmed.

I have lots of new soap photos to take on our next sunny day, so until then have fun and I will be back with fresh soap bling *smile*