Saturday, August 28, 2010

If You Go Down to the Woods Today............

............You may find Teddies playing amoung the trees!

My Gentle Teddy  unscented goatsmilk soap shapes are formulated especially for children and those with sensitive skin.  Here they are now ~

I have been creating some friends for them recently too.  With pretty pastel colours and fun fragrances to delight the young (and young at heart).  Here are the first special new ones - Loopy Teddies!

Loopy Teddy soaps smell just like the fruity cereal rings many children love....yum!  I will also be introducing Juicy Teddies, Snuggly Teddies and Berry Teddies very soon.  Gentle Teddy soaps are made with over 70% olive oil and include jojoba for it's skin loving properies as well as goats milk, so they will gently cleanse skin without irritating.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party Hard! Soap.....Cut pics :)

I promised to post pictures of this crazy tester soap once I had cut them....and then found my batch was taking a loooooong time to harden enough to cut as I was testing a new recipe - as well as scent and a four colour swirl!  Gotta stop testing so many things in one batch *wink*

Anyway, I am happy with my swirlies for a first attempt at four colours (plus base soap colour) and I now know to save this particular oil recipe for my divider slab I don't need to cut those!

Here are some pics for you *smile*

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Party Hard!

Here are a couple of quick and dirty pics of my newest tester soap log. My small tester mould was made by my youngest son and I can get 6 bars from this. I used a sweet vanilla berry fragrance oil (a dupe of a L*sh fragrance) which smells sweet, vanillary and fruity all at once - lol - and it is gorgeous!  If this fragrance sticks well it will definitely become part of my range.
I will post cut pics when I get them too. I thought an explosion of colour best suited this soap - what do you think? :)

Have a wonderful day!