Thursday, September 23, 2010

Creamy Fruit Salad Teen Facial Bar.....

I recently added this soap to my Current Range of Soaps album on my Facebook page and thought I would share it here with you as well.

This is a lovely cleansing & balancing soap full of antioxidants, especially created for troubled teen skin. Scented with a fresh and fruity scent combining mango, passionfruit, papaya, apple, citrus and sweetpea; teamed with fresh pureed mango and strawberries, herbal tea and a blend of oils and butters that contain anti-infammatory and calming properties. For normal to oily skin ~

You can see the strawberry seeds if you look closely.  I included my favourite rice bran and macadamia nut oils in this blend along with mango butter.  This recipe was developed with my daughter's help when I first began cold process soapmaking.  I asked her what ingredients she would like me to add to a batch of soap just for her.  "Mango and strawberries" she replied.  I was surprised to say the least as I didn't even know if fruit would work in CP soap and envisioned my batch overheating or even erupting into a soapy volcano!  All that fruit sugar had me worried, so I poured it into individual moulds and kept it cool.  

The result made a lovely cleansing soap that my daughter found soothed and helped her facial skin by minimising the redness associated with blemishes.  When I researched I found that the combination of oils and fruits we used are all known to have skincare benefits.  I just love serendipity!

Have a wonderful day *smile*


Edith said...

wow your soap looks and sounds gorgeous..well done!

Topcat said...

Thank you Edith! It smells wonderful too :)

SafexSolutions said...

Nice Share..Thanks..
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compost said...

Beautiful work! New Follower via link love. Come check out my blog too! Have a great day!

Topcat said...

Thank you both!
I have 'followed' you too now compost :)