Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Party Hard! Soap.....Cut pics :)

I promised to post pictures of this crazy tester soap once I had cut them....and then found my batch was taking a loooooong time to harden enough to cut as I was testing a new recipe - as well as scent and a four colour swirl!  Gotta stop testing so many things in one batch *wink*

Anyway, I am happy with my swirlies for a first attempt at four colours (plus base soap colour) and I now know to save this particular oil recipe for my divider slab I don't need to cut those!

Here are some pics for you *smile*

Have a wonderful day!


Lyn said...

Wow that is beautiful!!! What an amazing swirl and first time with four colours.......Watch out soaping world!!!!!

Topcat said...

Thanks for your kind words Lyn :)

Dörte said...

beautiful eddies in wonderful colors!

Topcat said...

Oh, thank you Dorte! :)