Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Is off to a Busy Start!

Okay, we have just finished Christmas and New Year (did you have good ones?) and, wait..... oh my goodness..... Valentine's Day is coming!  Really, that soon?  How does that happen? ;)

As I sold quite a lot of my soaps in the run up to Christmas I have lots of re-makes to do.  However, Valentine's Day is taking precedence in my soap kitchen creation area.  I have some limited edition soaps just made and not yet cut.  Would you like to see some 'quick and dirty' pics?

On the left is Love Dust ~ using an interpretation of Fairy Dust fragrance. This one set up fairly quickly so I didn't get the pretty, wispy swirls I envisioned.
On the right is Hello Handsome (corny, yes I know) ~ using an interpretation of Very Sexy for Him fragrance. They are both still gelling here.

Here is Love Dust just out of the mould. I still love how it turned out ... air pockets and all!


Hello Handsome and my other new Valentine's Day soap ~ Soft Kisses ~ sitting on my curing rack waiting to be cut. These are my first 2 ever hanger swirls and I think they worked! I will know more when I actually get them cut. They are still a little soft for that.
Soft Kisses is an interpretation of Cashmere Mist fragrance and smells gorgeous!

I realised after posting these pics on my soaping forum that there is a spider web residing on the wall behind my soap racks - you can see it in the photos. LOL! I actually just looked and I can't even see it with the naked eye (even wearing glasses) yet I could feel a wisp of web when I brushed at it. You do know that Australia is full of spiders - all year round? Especially in summer.
I try hard not to think about it....

I will put up some photos of the cut soaps once I am able to.  I love cutting into a new soap design/colour/fragrance to see just what I have created with the magic of saponification!

Have an awesome day xxx


Dragon (Karen) said...

Your soaps look fantastic. Love the Love Dust log and look forward to seeing it cut. Your colours are so pretty.

Love your coathanger swirl on 'Hello Handsome', I've never managed to get one to look so good.

What is the 'dust' you're putting on your soaps to give them such an amazing glow?

Topcat said...

Hi Kaz, and thanks ~ I am using cosmetic grade glitter from Heirloom Body Care :)

Tiggy said...

The soaps look absolutely gorgeous Tanya, so creamy looking. I've been really enjoying your soap at home. I'm gonna crack open that Lavender one. I saved it for a time when I need is that time!
Dunno about that spider web...I hope it's not a baddie! You know how I feel about spiders. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

innerearthsoaps said...

These look great Tanya! Look forward to seeing them cut.

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh how I love the love dust! I'm just a sucker for blue lately. looking at your market photos...where do you get your wooden soap dishes ? So sleek. Does someone make for you?

Topcat said...

Thank you girls!

Tiggy ~ that is the Lavender Fields? It is one of my favourite oils recipes. I can't remember if I labelled it but if not, let me know and I will send you the ingredients list.

Erin ~ I will be taking some cut pics (pretty ones) soon but I do have a quick pic on my fb page :)

Donna ~ My Dad makes my wooden soap decks. He is clever isn't he. If we do a swap I can send you one?