Monday, July 26, 2010

A Love Story.......

My daughter entered a competition to win a designer dress on facebook and needed to write a love story to qualify. Here is the story she wrote - about her grandparents:

This is not my love story, but that of my grandparents...
It's Sydney, 1940 and they are both 13, childhood sweethearts, completely inseparable. He's a larrikin, always wearing a grin from ear to ear and she's a stubborn, proper, young lady.

Fast forward a few years to when they're 16, they have a falling out, neither could recall over what, but he hurt her feelings and so she snubbed him.

A few years she finds herself completely swept off her feet by a tall, dark and handsome stranger, it's only a matter of months before they are wed and she begins her 'perfect life'...

Alas, this man is not all he appeared to be, he cheats, he's callous and his love leaves her wanting. It's the 1950's and divorce is a long, painful and shameful process, but that'd never stop someone as determined as her. And he's waited all this time, her childhood sweet heart, has never stopped loving her.

The 28th December 1958, they are married. They begin their life together and the doctors say that due to a medical condition it will be impossible for her to conceive. They are content with each other and can get through this together. Just a year later it comes as a surprise and shock when they discover she is pregnant and it takes a while to come to terms with the news and it's impact on the plans they'd made. But in 1960 they are blessed with a son and a few years later a daughter...
Their life is far from perfect, they argue and stir each other up almost constantly. They have their ups and downs, journeys, challenges and adventures. They struggle and stumble, there are health issues, fights, and many memories created. Through everything they are always there for each other. They watch their children grow, they welcome grand children into the world, she has a lot of health issues and her leg has to be amputated, he is always there for her, through everything.

In late 2004 he is diagnosed with cancer, it's in it's final stages and has spread to his bones... It's terminal.
She's there for him, she doesn't cope, they fight, they're in denial, they love, they enjoy the moments they have, they continue to make more memories. He's cheeky until the end, always pushing her buttons, always getting a reaction.

Christmas 2006, and he's fading fast, we can all see it, yet all try to deny it. On New Years Eve we get the call, he's been rushed to hospital, and she's by his side. They say he probably won't make it to morning, won't see 2007... She can't let him go yet and makes that point well known. He stays, for her, he waits.

It's late January 2007 and he's a shadow, his body is failing him, he's losing conciousness, but whenever she holds his hand, he changes and he grips her hand right back. On February 2 she realises she has to let him go, as hard as it is to say goodbye. She has her children there with her.

"You can go now". Within half an hour of her uttering those words, their son in law gets a phone call and leaves the room, their daughter in law leaves to make a call. By the time they return, he's passed away. He waited for her to let him go, and for a moment to be with his little family, alone.

On Valentines Day this year, my grandma had been in hospital for a little while when they took her into emergency surgery, her chances of survival were extremely low, but she made it. How ever she never made a full recovery and she passed away a few months ago. I know that whatever there is next, he would have been waiting for her, he was always waiting for her.
I love you grandma and grandpa, your love inspires me every day, because it was real, it was hard and it was so very worth it all.

One day I want a love story like this. I want a, crazy, unforgettable, challenging, rewarding, enduring, everlasting love like you had...

The competition finished a short while ago and casey WON!!! Of course, I am not surprised as I believe Casey write's beautifully. 

Oh, and the dress is called Love Story - you can see it here on the Lucy in the Sky facebook page.

Have a wonderful week! *smile*


Ambra said...

What a wonder story and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing it and your daughter for writing it.

Topcat said...

You're welcome Ambra. She is a special girl :)