Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nature's Art

I recently felt the urge to lather up with a Santa Fe Sun Baked Soap, made by my soaping friend Kimberly of NATURE'S ART Handmade All Natural Soaps & More.  I ordered the Crisp Pear Olive Oil Soap, the Tooth Cleanser Soap with China Clay and a wonderful Green Tea Facial Mask.

The Sun Baked soap is gorgeous, with a lovely fresh, warm pear scent and thick, fluffy lather which left my skin feeling velvety soft.  Tooth cleaning soap is a product that goes back to at least early last century and I was pleasantly surprised at the taste (not soapy!) and at how squeaky clean my teeth felt after using.  In fact, my teeth felt as if I had just had them professionally cleaned at the dentist.  The green tea and clay mask comes as a powder that you mix to a paste with your choice of wetting agent.  I used plain water although you could use your favourite toner, aloe vera juice, yoghurt, pureed fruit, or whatever takes your fancy.  This is an excellent way to buy a mask. The powder stores very well in its tin with no preservative required as you only blend up enough for a single use.

Nature's Art also has a FACEBOOK SHOP where you can buy her lovely products.

Have an awesome day!

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Holly said...

What a treat! I can say that I know how awesome their products are.