Sunday, April 18, 2010


This is just a quick post to welcome my new followers!  I will have some new pics up soon so you will all have something to look at ;)  I am running in a new (for that, read 'borrowed') camera since my old one died and once I work it out I have several new batches to take pics of.

Meanwhile, I do have a couple from recent batches to show you.  I posted about a 'Bloke's Soap' I created on March 2nd here and this is the cut pic -

I am calling it Guys'n'Dolls because every girl who has smelled it loves it too, so definitely not just for blokes!

Dreamy Apple was made using a scent I have been longing to try in soap for ages.  One of my favourite smells in the world is a crisp, juice apple and I found the perfect fragrance oil to use.  This scent sticks so well and it is all I can do not to take a bite out of my soap!

Have a wonderful day people *smile*


Milla said...

I love apple FOs! They are just so refreshing in the shower. I have some conditioner that I scented with apple and it brightens my morning!

Lyn said...

The colour of your dreamy apple soap is just devine they all look so rich and creamy Mmmmmmmm

Topcat said...

Thank you ladies!

Milla - I am currently developing a shampoo and conditioner with apple's the best!

Lyn - I used green apple pop mica to get that and I am really happy with how it turned out :)

Edith said...

wow your soaps are fab Topcat

Topcat said...

Thanks Edith! :)