Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Soap for Blokes......

Recently I have been asked by several guests at my soap spa parties to make soap for 'blokes' (guys in US vernacular).  My reply was "I have several soaps that men like", and I do.  My Lime in de Coconut, Eye of the Tiger, Very Vanilla and Dreamy Coffee & Cream soaps are all popular with my male customers.  However, several ladies have menfolk who want soap that doesn't have too much 'stuff' in know, like butters and milks and fancy oils and fruit.  So here is my first attempt, still in the mould.  I scented this with an essential oil blend of lime, lavender and patchouli and it smells gorgeous!  Uhhh...I mean 'masculine' *wink*

(I will admit that I couldn't stop myself from adding silk....shhhh, don't tell on me!)


Nizzy said...

Looks like a winner Tanya!

I'm a bloke and that's one of my favourite soap colours so your half way there. :-)

I still favour your 'Eye of the Tiger' soap :-)


Topcat said...

Thanks Nizzy! :)