Thursday, January 21, 2010


Time and again, people's world crashes around them.  Time and again, others rally around and completely restore my faith in humanity.  The Asian tsunami on Boxing Day 2004 was one shattering event that allowed people to care for others.  The earthquake in Haiti is another such cataclysmic event and humankind is responding with as much care again.

Being a soapmaker, I want to tell you about an organisation in America which will help the survivors in Haiti in a very concrete way.  This organisation is collecting and recycling soap to send to Haiti daily to help meet the extreme hygiene needs there now.  Click on this link to find out more about how you can help:

 Living in Australia, I am not able to participate by donating soap so I have made a cash donation through the Australian Red Cross Society.  This is a wonderful organisation and I know my money will get to where it will do the most good.  Click this link for more information:

Most of all, if you pray then please do so for all the survivors right now.  I am sending healing, peaceful thoughts........

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