Monday, February 25, 2013

I have been very remiss in posting to my blog just lately and I am so sorry!  Here is just a quick 'catch-up' post, showing you pics of a few of my latest creations. 

Have a wonderful week xxx

Sweet Blossoms ~

Rainbow Sunshine ~

Lavender Fields (new look) ~

Love Dust ~

Peach Delight ~

And last but not least..... Maple Fudge soap, just poured and textured in the mould ~


Tiggy said...

Gorgeous Tan...all of them. The last one needs a licking! LOL! I think we should all blog more again...I've lost the knack of posting, but am hoping to continue at least once a month...maybe more. xx

Topcat said...

Thanks Tiggy! Once a month is an excellent aim ~ I will do the same :) xx

Tiggy said...

I really hope I can manage it...I mean it doesn't take that long to just write and post a few pics does it Tan?! Our lives are all Facebooked up! x

sorry..previous comment was the same as this one but under my futureprimitive account...with no active blog!
oops! xx

Topcat said...

Oh, I so agree about the 'F' comment! :)

Mountain Farms Soap said...

Those are all very beautiful soaps!

Anne-Marie said...

So happy to see some more soapy pictures from you. I'm totally in love with that super cute flower soap stamp in the Sweet Blossoms and Rainbow Sunshine. =)

Topcat said...

Thank you Mountain Farms Soap and Anne-Marie xxx

The flower stamps are from a Wilton's cake impression mat I have. Just cut the mat down to fit the bottom of your mould and voila! :)

Silvia said...

Your soaps are ALL gorgeous! Love the speckled lavender!