Monday, December 13, 2010

Shaving Soap!

Do you have a special man in your life (or men) who prefers to shave with a razor?  Well I do, so I have made my first Shaving Soap!  I am really excited about it and look forward to my testers feedback.  Of course, girls shave too don't we, so I encourage you to lather your legs with this luscious, mild and moisturising soap *smile*

This first tester is scented with crisp, fresh notes of citrus, cucumber, passionfruit, wasabi, cilantro and fern; teamed with moisturising glycerine and aloe vera juice; a generous amount of avocado oil and shea butter for a nourishing boost; and with tussah silk and kaolin clay included for excellent razor glide.  A mild shaving soap allowing you to build the perfect lather.  It will be available for purchase early in 2011 and will be individually scented with your preferred fragrance, by the pot or solid puck.


Have a wonderful day!


KB said...

I waited so long to write-down my thoughts on this soap, I've forgotten most of them. What I do remember was that the soap wasn't very remarkable, but very cheep. Since it gave me light irritation, I used it up in the shower and moved on to other soaps. This soap is a bit hard to find, but very reasonably priced. Burma Shave had probably the best known advertising campaign when it comes to shaving, even today. The soap still has some nostalgic or 'collectable' value, and the packaging still looks very retro. If you happen to find it in the store, I think it's worth a try for this if nothing else

Shea Butter said...

I have used these products for a long time and they are really really good. i am very pleased!