Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Sorry!

.... really, really sorry.  I am having trouble believing how long it has been since I posted here.  To me, it feels like only a few weeks.  

What have I been doing you ask?  I have been spending time catching up on soap re-stocks as well as spending time on more mundane things, like work.  Hubby and I have also been 'spring cleaning' in winter.  

It is winter in our part of the world..... brrrrrrr.....

The reason?  A really, really good one ~ we have had quite a lot of our interior rooms re-painted (for the first time in more than 18 years!) so it was very well worth scrubbing walls, ceilings, skirting boards and architraves for that.

To make up for how long I have been neglecting you all I am sharing some quick pics of new creations (click on the pics to see them better).  I will have some prettier 'staged' photos very soon, I promise!

New soap 'Rooibos & Lychee' using rooibos (red tea) for the lye liquid and sprinkling rooibos powder on top.  This is scented with a Bramble Berry fragrance oil called Lychee and Red Tea and it smells totally yummy ~

Here is a new version of my 'Kiss Me' soap, using cubed soap embeds on top rather than soap balls.  It still has lots of sparkly glitter on top and soap confetti inside ~

Another new soap 'Vanilla Sunshine' - using vanilla bean powder and tolu balsam essential oil for the swirl and folded orange essential oil for the main scent, this soap smells very orange zesty with a vanilla base note.  It also has almond milk and kaolin clay added ~

I have also been playing with lovely body creams.  Here is my newest emulsified body butter, called 'Beautiful Butter' because it is.  It has lots of lovely moisturising ingredients and was originally created for my niece to use on her pregnant belly.  We soon discovered it to be totally excellent for dry, chapped winter skin anywhere on your body ~

Lastly, I have been creating and testing facial moisturisers.  My favourite so far is 'HoneyBee Cream'.  I add royal jelly and a modified beeswax called cera bellina and it is perfect for my normal to oily facial skin.  It makes a very nice light body cream too ~

I will be back very soon with some polished up pics to share.  Thank you for being patient with me and have a lovely day!


Milla said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I'm loving your creams too! ooh and a facial cream too...lovely!

Topcat said...

Thank you Patti :)

Michelle Somers said...

Wonderful, I especially like the look of your new butter.

Anne-Marie said...

It all looks so good, especially the Rooibos & Lychee Soap, I'm totally digging the tops!

Topcat said...

Thank you Michelle and Anne-Marie :)