Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I just read a Meaningful Story .....

..... at this link and it is just so true!!!

I love this story.  I am truly passionate about making soap, making it from scratch.  Devising my own recipes and waiting (impatiently!) to test them and test them some more later on...and again later on.  Changing my recipes and testing them again....and telling everyone who will listen (and sometimes even those who won't) all about it, all the time.  Am I crazy?  Absolutely!  Crazy about making and sharing handmade soap.  

And I love what other soapmakers do.  How can I not?  I also love sharing what other soapmakers are doing - and why not?  I don't make soap like Lyn of Lynnz Artisan Soap and Candles; I don't make soap like Tiggy of Future Primitive Soap; I don't make soap like Sharon of Platypus Dreams (although I sometimes dream about doing that, as her soaps are works of art);  I don't make soap like Madame Louise of The Soap Gallery.  I make soap like ME.  Of course, I am influenced by every one of them and by many, many others; all of whom make beautiful soap that is gentle to use and a pleasure to have.

Soap is my creative outlet and the only one I have ever had.  I discovered it only a few years ago and do you know how exciting it is to realise you can be creative?  I believed that I didn't have a creative bone in my body and that just wasn't true!  It is like my soul has awoken to the beauty around me and I am translating that beauty through the medium of soapmaking.  What a pleasure.  What a passion!

What are you passionate about?  In what way are you creative?  When did you realise it?  Have you always known?  Share your journey too.

And me?  I am off to make some more soap ~ Easter is coming! *smile*


My Nature`s Art Adventure`s In Soap! said...

I love you Tanya!! Your soaps are so awesome too!

Anonymous said...

Tanya <3 <3 I love your soap too!!!

Every soaper I meet is an inspiration to me :)

Anne-Marie said...

Aww, what a great post! I'm so glad that you are so passionate about soapmaking! It can be such a soothing activity and I also love how you can make something that reflects your personality. Keep up the great work!

Topcat said...

Thank you ladies *hugs*

Milla said...

What a wonderful story! You have a beautiful style and I love your soaps and creations! I am passionate about soap too. I love the science behind making my own products and being able to create. I love being a formulator!

Topcat said...

Thanks Milla :) xx

Platypus Dreams said...

You will find what is comfortable to make depending on the volume of soap you need to produce. The fun is in trying out all the techniques and seeing if you can develop new ones in the process.

How soap ends up looking depends on many things, if soaping is your business, if you sell retail only or wholesale or if it is a hobby or just for family.

I try to make soaps that I can produce in volume without killing my body in the process because it is my living. If I was just doing artisan work and did not need to live off my soap then well they certainly would be different, even more creative, crazy and more one off pieces.

Styles vary and as a soapmaker we can tell how much effort and time went into making the soap. The question then becomes can we sustain the level of labour intensity in certain soaps and then sell them at wholesale pricing. I certainly know that wholesale dictates the style of the soapmaker and I know there are many others out there in the same boat.

This is one of the reasons I am passionate about getting my retail outlet at my workshop up and running so I can make some beautiful and some totally crazy unique stuff.

I just know the local soap connoisseurs will come out of the woodwork from far and wide and visit me to shop for special gifts.

Topcat said...

Thanks for sharing that Sharon! I can only begin to imagine what you are capable of creating should you have more time xxx