Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Week!

I have had a rather busy week - and not making soap!

My Mother-in-Law was taken ill and required emergency surgery, which she was not expected to survive....but survive she did.  She is tough, but we didn't realised just how tough!  Although she is still in her hospital's high care unit, she is slowly improving thank goodness *smile*.

So, now that I feel I can make soap I have made a batch a day for three days - Lime in de Coconut, Island Coconut and Creamy Fruit Salad.  The latter is one I will be introducing to my range as a teen facial soap, tailored to suit the oiliness and hormonal outbreaks of pimples that all teens dread.  Extensive testing by my own teens and their friends have shown that is really help clean, balance their skin and minimise the appearance and redness of these outbreaks.  Pics will be up very soon!

Have an awesome weekend and and even better week ahead......Tanya


Holly said...

I'm so happy to hear the good news about your MIL!

I'm excited to see your Creamy Fruit Salad soap. It just sounds lovely!

Kim said...

Glad to hear your MIL is going to be ok! And I can't wait to see those pics of your soap:)

Topcat said...

Thanks you girls!

Creamy Fruit Salad will have to wait a little you say 'rebatch'?! :P